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Scaffolding / Access and containment

Ensuring all-round access

On construction sites access is a top priority. All contractors must be able to reach the areas where they are needed. To ensure they can, we provide innovative scaffolding solutions, abseiling techniques and qualified staff, which enable servicing, repairs and inspection of the most hard-to-reach areas. Without accidents, on time and worldwide, offshore and on land – in short, a logistical achievement of the first order.

The business area scaffolding services also inclucdes cover systems, access technology and enclosures, eg. for welding.

Anionas Construction AS is a reliable solution when it comes to suspended scaffolds, movable scaffolds and all types of enclosure jobs. Our well educated scaffolders solve their tasks individually and creatively, and naturally all safety precautions are observed.

Anionas Construction AS is an established supplier of full turnkey access and scaffolding systems.

Innovative and cost effective design solutions meet the demanding access and technical requirements of a wide range of projects in the construction, marine, transport infrastructure and civil engineering sectors.

We have extensive expertise in the design, supply, and installation of all forms of access, containment and enclosure systems that meet the highest safety standards as well as complying with all regulatory and environmental controls.

  • Traditional tube and fitting systems
  • System scaffolding
  • Temporary formwork/falsework and roofs
  • Lightweight and Kwikform systems
  • Bespoke access systems

Accreditation / Training

Our in-house training programs ensure the availability of a multi-skilled workforce capable of operating in a diverse range of locations and industries. Specialist training modules include working over water, asbestos awareness, railway track safety, slinging and the operation of hydraulic access platforms.