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Metal Construction

ANIONAS with its quality assured facilities and well developed infrastructure has already proved itself as reliable partner and has already spent 100.000 working hours for production of steel constructions for offshore industry since Year 2006. Operating in quays of harbors ANIONAS has invested into welding, lifting and machining equipment to meet strict offshore requirements and offers wide range of products for wind energy.

Following the trends of the market we use our Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine experience to choose best manufacturing technique in production of complex heavy steel components for renewable energy sources, optionally outfitted with electrical installations, mounting of secondary structures, corrosion and catholic protection and other special technical appurtenances.

Steel construction works

  • Different vessels’ hulls repair works
  • Building of different type new vessels’ hulls
  • Production and mounting of different steel constructions

Welding works (TIG, MIG, MAG, manual welding)

  • Different welding works in new ship building, ship repair and industrial projects.
  • Welding works of different pipe systems