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Health and Safety (HSE)

We work every day in potentially dangerous conditions, where accidents are always possible.

That's why workplace safety is such an overwhelming priority - so important, in fact, that every Management meeting starts with a discussion on Health and Safety. Likewise the corporate Health and Safety department now reports directly to the ANIONAS CEO.

Along with preventing accidents, eliminating hazardous conditions and correcting potentially dangerous workplace conduct are also essential HSE objectives. An analytic approach, along with efforts to enhance both awareness of and responsibility for HSE performance, are measures that will ensure greater workplace safety.

We also know that changing people's behavior can't be achieved overnight, but each employee must take personal responsibility for his or her own health and safety and that of others; this responsibility is expressed in employees’ personal conduct.

We continue to invest in developing improvements in our safety performance through the provision of targets and training supported by management audits to ensure that lessons learnt are being successfully applied across all of the company’s activities.