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Apply for a job

Are you looking for a new challenge? Check out what ANIONAS can offer you.

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Once you submit an application (in response to a position we offer or without), a recruitment manager shall investigate your application and come back to you as soon as a future opening arises. All submissions are held in strict confidence. This means that the information you provide will not be disclosed to an employer without your approval.

Screening Procedures

If your skills match with a job we have to offer at that moment, you will be asked to attend a screening procedure to ensure that the job fits you well. The screening shall be based on several job interviews and criterias.

The purpose of our interviews is to assess as good as possible whether you, the job and the working environment will match in favour of a long-term relationship. Besides for introducing you to the job position, other subject matters of practical importance in connection with taking the position will similarly be discussed.

You will be priorly informed regarding the intention of the job interview by a written confirmation, together with date specifications as well as the way the interview will be held. However, before applying make sure you have a good level of English and that you are in good mental and physical condition to engage into a physically demanding job.

Applicants whose qualifications do not match the criteria will receive a written rejection notification.

Below we help you with the first step to take in your application.

Submit Your Application

Only written European Style Resumes shall be accepted. It is very important that we receive your CV in electronic version in English Language.

Download the CV template from the website directly (in Word format), save it on your computer hard disk, fill it up and send it to us through the below 'submit your resume form'.

Complete the various headings in the right-hand column, and insert your personal data. Keep in mind not to change the wording on the left-hand column, to keep the layout and font used in the template and avoid underlining or writing whole sentences in capitals or bold.

If you require guidance on how to write the resume, found out more here.

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