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Anionas Group

Anionas AS

Anionas AS is subcontracting company specialized in surface treatments and paint coating. The company provides professional custom-ordered surface treatment services for metal components.

  • abrasive blasting,
  • pressure washing,
  • high pressure water blasting,
  • and other methods to clean steel and other surfaces for the application of various coating systems including polyurethanes, urethanes, epoxies, textured coatings and other special coatings according to the customers’ requests,
  • supervision and inspection of the surface preparing and paint application according to required quality standards.

Anionas AS works closely with the following manufacturers’ representatives to assure the proper procedure application:

  • Hempel
  • Jotun
  • International
  • Tikkurila

Today the branch of surface treatment has 100 persons employed. The competence of personnel confirms by certificates of apprenticeship and certificates within their respective disciplines.

Anionas Construction AS

Anionas Construction AS subcontracting company specialized in steel construction and scaffoldings.

Highly skilled and certified welders are able to work with any kind of welding procedures, different metals and their thickness in any conditions. Heights, limited and difficult access spaces, different areas and industries are the routine of our welders.

Therefore, usually tangibly, more competitive price of the products is achieved. We can produce:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Process modules
  • Ship sections
  • Piping systems
  • Hulls
  • Shop or on-site fabrication and installation
  • Focus on timely and cost efficient project completion
  • Assistance to the partner with design and engineering controls to produce a complete installation
  • Maintenance of constant communications with the design personnel during the construction to facilitate a functional and maintenance friendly installation.

Trained and skilled scaffold’s builders are providing to customers with systems that operate efficiently and also allow easier access for future maintenance and modification.

Anionas UAB

ANIONAS UAB is project Management Company.

Anionas UAB is project management and consultancy company.

Our goal is to deliver profitable, safe and sustainable projects and services for our customers in the shipbuilding, the oil and gas, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets, including sectors that play a vital role in the global and national economies and in people’s everyday lives.

The company's value chain comprises planning, development, financing, operation and management of shipbuilding projects.

The services offered range from the planning and projection to the financing, turnkey construction and operation of energy production systems, right through to the technical and commercial management.

Our services include:

  • Contracts analyze
  • Preparation of tender documents for construction
  • Securing necessary official authorizations and permits
  • Financing and investment planning
  • Project planning
  • Professional building site management
  • Procurement
  • Personnel logistic